PURA VIDA! ( the good life)

Bienvenido (Welcome)! Corina and I, my two dogs LaLa and LuLu , have been living in Quanacaste, Costa Rica for almost two years. It has been a great adventure; visiting small towns and the two largest cities in Costa Rica; San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and Liberia. They are the two largest cities in Costa Rica and easy to get lost in. I like to get lost in Costa Rica. I give myself plenty of daylight; I do not drive at night unless absolutely necessary. My eyesight is not what it used to be and prefer the daytime. Not all roads have good lighting to see your way.

Being lost in San Jose was a little frightening at first. Some of the roads were confusing (even GPS would get us more lost, but the people are friendly and some would guide you at no cost to them, besides they were walking home, and we were going that way. San Jose is huge easy to get lost. It is a major city, that is why we opted for Lake Arenal where it is more rural and three and half ours away but two hours from  the ocean and beaches.

Visiting the beaches, you travel through Liberia pass the airport. We love the area we live in; Aguacate is a quite little area in the hills of the rain forest. Most days we wake to the sounds of birds, monkeys, and dogs. Lots of dogs ran free in this part of Costa Rica. We built a fence to keep dogs off our property and our puppies safe. You can see parts of Lake Arenal from our porch which is nice to set on and watch the activity in the area. The rainy season is long with the heaviest rain coming in October through December. You must enjoy rain to live in this area of Costa Rica. Some areas get a lot less rain than we do: the beaches on the Pacific coast, central Costa Rica ( San Ramon area has a mild climate and less rain). I love Costa Rica; the freshness, beauty and the wonderful sounds that make the country so relaxing.

Until next time, PURA VIDA!

Sunrise in San Luis

I lay upon my hammock, watching the sunrise
A large orange sphere cresting the mountain top
Lake Arenal lies beautiful blue below
Reflecting the skies burnt orange hue

Mr. Hawk flys high in the morning breeze
Perfectly centered in the suns path
Magnificent in the blue skies.
Alone, gliding the air waves

High on the mountain slopes
I watch
Comfortably, I watch God’s beauty
The birds are singing in the trees

An orchestration of three
No other sounds are heard
Except my dogs awaken
Jumping on my lap bending the hammock

What a life to live
Myself a faithful observer
Watching nature as I sip on hot chocolate and marshmallows
Unfolding God’s adventures

The sun rises to totality
Large, commanding a presence
The dew sparkles it’s morning salute
Brightening the yellows, reds and purples

Colors of the daffodils and pansies in the garden
The roses bend to the creator saying good morning
The lavender crawling over the cyclone fence
Gobbling every spoke , beautiful with its scent

Sister Passion flower with it’s lavender flowers
Attracting butterfly’s of different colors
Vines covering the fence
Almost disappearing all signs of the metal

Sol is heading west
The flowers watch its path
The hawk is gone
My trusted dogs stay

Time is but an illusion
Nature a color fusion
Time for breakfast
Fifteen more minutes please


5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Tim it’s great to look for the quality of life that you’re living now and memories of the good times we had in the past


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